What is
Social Media Management?

The Basics

Social Media Management is the process of creating, curating, and analyzing content posted on social media platforms. A social media manager's responsibility is to broaden a brand's reach online, improve/maintain a brand's reputation, and engage with their customers. 

At Hoopes Media, we work with businesses and brands to create powerful content specifically tailored to reach their set goals. Hoopes Media crafts content to display on your social media platforms in order to help you reach your target audience across the online realm. 


About Hoopes Media

Since 2018, Hoopes Media has provided professional digital media and video services to clients from Des Moines, IA to Jacksonville, FL and beyond. From tactical social media strategy to innovative content creation, Hoopes Media focuses on increasing customer engagement through results-driven data. Hoopes Media works with you to create a customized plan of action for yourself and/or your organization.

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About Me

Hunter Hoopes - Founder,  Creative Director


Since day one, I have had a passion for Content Creation and Social Media. Growing up in the small town of West Union, IA, creating simple and fun YouTube videos helped spark my interest for video production. From there, I began mastering my craft by working multiple social media internships and paid video projects throughout my college career. After graduating from Drake University with my Bachelor's Degree in Marketing in 2018, Hoopes Media was born. 

While pursuing my Master's in Business Administration Degree, specializing in Leadership and Innovation, I created Hoopes Media. Hoopes Media provides clients with a wide range of services, from photography/videography to social media management, in order to enhance their client's online presence and improve their competitive visibility. Whether it’s social media planning, engagement analysis or video production, I’m here for my clients - wherever, whenever.

At Hoopes Media, we understand that it may be challenging and difficult to manage your business across the online realm, but we are here to ease that burden. To learn more about how Hoopes Media services can help you and your business grow, book an introductory meeting today.